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 Inflow Forecasting and Flood Early Warning  Systems 

 Typically associated with Water Storage Dams and Hydro Electric Power Schemes Inflow Forecasting and Flood Early Warning Systems provide critical catchment information to the operators of dams and is essential for dam safety.

To warn the people living downstream of planned and emergency releases, electronic warning systems monitored and controlled using secure radio telemetry equipment and supervisory control and data acquisition applications (SCADA) are activated in advance providing an Alert tone to gain attention followed by either a pre-recorded voice message or live PA announcement.

For system with large population centres downstream real time hydrologic or hydraulic models provide real time forecasts of dam levels based on catchment conditions.

Our Whelen and Giant Voice equipment and software are considered the world's best technology for public warning. We can also provide all remaining system componets upon request including:

- water level and rainfall monitoring instrumentation

- data logger, telemetry and communications equipment

- base station equipment

- Remote cameras

- Software applications

Shown to the right and below are a number of dams that our experts designed and constructed the Inflow Forecasting and Warning Schemes.

Above: Kotapanjang PLTA

Below: Sipan Sihaporas PLTA

In addition we provide complete instrumentation and telemetry solutions for dam structure monitoring. During the construction of the Sipan Sihaporas HEPS we supplied and installed:

- Joint meters

- Thermistors

- Pore pressure meters 

- Seismograph

- Seepage weir equipment (inside the gallery)

- All associated data logging, telemetry and communications equipment

- PC, Data acquisition and display software.

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