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Emergency Lighting

We have a range of emergency lighting products from Whelen Engineering including:

1) The Pioneer LiFe series (shown below)

2) Tripod and vehicle mounted LED lighting systems up to 20,000 lumens.

Design specifically to meet the needs of emergency workers, mine workers, or for anyone needing ready to go portable LED lighting the Pioneer LiFe provides multiple benefits:

  • Light weight (3.5kg including battery) while being strong enough for extreme conditions

  • IP67 - water and dust cannot penetrate

  • 3500 useable lumens - that's a very bright light!

  • Long battery life - up to 4 hours on a single charge

  • Handle and lighthead adjusters made to suite gloved hands

  • Inductive charger - no cable to plug into the light

  • Will operate as a: strobe, flood or spot light

  • It's intelligent - when battery get's low it will let you know by flashing the light

  • Every componet is manufactured in the Whelen factory to ensure highest quality of production

  • It's been designed in accordance with the requirements of emergency services personnel - it's been carefully planned and engineered to provide many years of service

Pioneer Series Emergency Lighting - Pole Mount

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