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The AUXCS is an optional module for the TWS and Giant Voice® Siren System that allows the user to remotely control siren functions and to remotely collect siren status information via simple contact closures.

In addition to commands and status functions, the Auxiliary Control/Status Option has transformer coupled circuits for accepting audio. One circuit is active in conjunction with the Public Address command, while the other circuit is used for local audio, such as a local microphone or paging system. The local audio must have a “Push To Talk” contact closure
for operation. In either case the audio is broadcast over the system.

The following commands are supported:

Cancel (or Clear)Air HornSilent Test
WailHi/LowSilent Test Clear
AttackWhoopStrobe On
AlertNoon TestStrobe Off
Public AddressDigital Voice Messages (1 - 16)

Auxiliary Control/Status Option

  • The following status bits are supported with Normally Open relay Closures:

    AC AC Voltage is present
    DC  DC Voltage level is good
    Partial  At least one amplifier is active
    Full  All amplifiers and drivers are active
    Rotor  Rotor Active
    Intrusion  Intrusion active
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