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The 600 Watt Class-D Amplifier provides an unmatched performance due to its high efficiency, high reliablity and low need for maintenance. The crystal clear audio quality makes it ideal for alarm and voice reproduction aswell as music. The 100 Volt speaker line configuration complies to the specifications of most industrial rated speakers..

The amplifier is designed to operate on the Giant Voice® Distributed Communication Network (GVDCN) topology. This means all system features such as line supervision, output overload protection and overheating can be supervised and configured directly from a GV-EMS Control Centre. The amplifier has 4 outputs each with independent ultrasonic speaker line monitoring. General system status such as overheating and amp failure can be easily monitored on the front panel mounted status LED’s.

The built-in 115/230 VAC power supply reduces the risk of single point failure on larger AC powered systems.

Giant Voice® 600 Watt Amplifier

  • Height: 2 units
    Width: 19 inches
    Depth: 18.5 inches (47 cm)
    Weight: 12 kg

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