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The Giant Voice® Dual-tone multi-frequency unit provides reliable DTMF communication solutions between your control center and your warning system. The GV-DTMF meets the specific system requirements for your Whelen and Giant Voice® warning system for easy installation and operation.

The GV-DTMF serves as the interface unit of a Giant Voice® Emergency Management System to Whelen siren protocol and supports alarm activation, live voice audio and status feedback from the WPS and TWS Siren Series.
More GV-DTMF units can be interfaced via landline or the GV-RBS radio base station.

The GV-DTMF matches the in- and outgoing signal levels of the Whelen encoders which makes it a straight forward plug and play solution.

Giant Voice® DTMF

  • Height: 2 units
    Width: 19 inches
    Depth: 18.5 inches (47 cm)
    Weight: 5 kg

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