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The Battery Operated HORNET ™ Series provides an economical alternative for replacing outdated electro-mechanical sirens.


SKU: 0001
  • Speaker array, electronics cabinet, pole top bracket and 50' cabling all included, all assembled and tested prior to shipping. High efficiency 400 watt speaker drivers Tone Only Rotor Local control push-buttons. Two compartment (Type I) natural finish aluminum electronics cabinet. Minimum of 15 minutes of full power output on battery power, with factory recommended batteries. AC temperature compensated 5 amp battery charger. Six Standard Public Warning Tones - Wail, Whoop, Attack, Hi-Lo, Alert, Airhorn.

  • 80 watt panels, with brackets and solar regulator
    Whelen Approved Batteries
    Speaker Pole Top Bracket
    Alternate Tone Set

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